Imported  From  Budapest,Hungary
Sire: HCH-Dingo Vom Blackriesen IPO1
Dam: HCH Fellegvar-Rott Thunder Enny
O.F.A. # CA2098/18f/p-pi
Canine Eye Cerf: Normal                                                 
{William F. Greentree Dacvo}
DNA Profile#  V374675
SG Rated , Josef Hedl 2005
Breed by: Kerepesi Andrasne
Ametisz is Micro-chipped and Tattooed
Ametisz is owned and dearly loved by the Carter Family
Sire: HCH Dingo Vom Blackriesen   HD-Frei- IPO1
-1bh-hch-3 x cac -r.cacib-4xr.cac -cerf.wach
hund-met.rott 7427/00
Dam: HCH Fellegvar Rott-thunder enny     hj ch - 3 x
hpj-cac-r.cac hd-frei met.rott.9497/00
"VOM BLACKRIESEN" is the Hungarian "GOLD
PRODUCER MASTER KENNEL" The Master Kennel title
was given by the Hungarian Kennel Club in 1995 for the
HIGH QUALITY of dogs bred by this kennel. The "VOM
BLACKRIESEN" kennel is the first Hungarian Rottweiler
Kennel that the dogs won V1+CAC title in Germany,the
ORIGINAL HOME country of the rottweiler. Estabilished in
Vom Avensis Rottweilers - Hun. Import Ametisz Vom Avensis
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Photo Taken May, 6th, 2013
In Loving Memory  of my loving companion R.I.P We will always miss you Ametisz...
                                                    Born 01.21.2004
                                             Passed Away  02.21.2014