***We occasionally offer Superior Rottweilers to Responsible Homes***
Congratulations on your new puppy!
We offer a 72 hour guarantee , each of our puppies are seen by our veterinarian at 7
weeks of age where they are given their first shots and throughly examined for any
health issues. Once they are cleared they are then placed in the line for available picks.
Owning  a Rottweiler is a serious commitment you must be aware after you take your
puppy home you are required to give him or her proper housing veterinarian care
through their entire lives. If your puppy is deemed not suitable for sale 72 hours after
you take them home you must return them immediatley. This includes if the puppy is
shipped you must pay return shipping No Exceptions. You must return the puppy
within 24 hours of a diagnosis. Our guarantee is only 72 hours after the puppy is picked
up no exceptions . If a puppy is returned we will have him or her examined by our vet
for a determination and then put you on a waiting list for our next litter this could
range from 6 months to 1 year. We want you to be fully aware of our new policy, No
refunds on the deposit or purchase will be given on the  puppy  &after all steps are
followed we will put you on a waiting list for a replacement puppy. To return a puppy
you must have all receipts, paperwork from a vet we can contact.  After the 72 hours you
are responsible for all care of your puppy and no further guarantee is offered..
This is our guarantee in full no other offers implied. You will need to sign this in order
to place a deposit on a puppy . All puppies come with AKC papers, Vet checked and are
feed a quality food.
Buyer signature:
Vom Avensis Rottweiler signature:
If you do not sign the contract you will void any and all guarantee of the 72 hours and
no other guarantee will be implied * all our ads and litter pages require you to
imediatley review our guarantee before you even contact us.